Big BroadCast Episode 001

We are very proud to present the first episode of our podcast, the Big BroadCast at!

Hosted by editor Austin Welch, and joined by contributors Tony R. Tuski and the enigmatic Tyrant, we hope the Big BroadCast can become a part of your steady Transformers podcast diet.

In this premiere episode, we relay our mission statement, give some background on how and why Geewunner was started, and introduce ourselves individually, and establish our TransFan cred.  Older fans who were around in the pre-internet days of pen pal clubs like the Transmasters or the Survivors, as well as attendees of early BotCons, should find the subject matter particularly interesting.  Tyrant even goes off on an interesting tangent about Transformers MUSHes of the late 90s.

We also share a rare piece of Transformers music with you (hint: an alternate version of a song from the TF:TM soundtrack), and we reach into the archives to bring you a fantastic interview with the great Michael Bell from 2009!  We hope to post a text version of this interview within the next couple of days.

Beginning with the next show, we will get into ‘normal’ topics concerning Transformers and TransFandom, but if you can indulge us in this first episode, we’d really appreciate it.  It runs over two hours, but each future episode should hover in the 60-90 minute range.  And starting with episode 2, we’ll have contests for neat goodies, like autographed items, so be sure to tune in!  Yes, we’re going to bribe you to listen to us.  And if you have any questions or comments, let us know, either by commenting on this post or emailing our editor, and we just might read your message on a future episode.

You can download the show here, or stream it on the player below.  Thanks for listening, and don’t forget to friend the Geewunner Facebook page and follow us at Twitter!

**SPECIAL NOTE** Initial reaction to our show has been overwhelmingly positive, and we heartily thank you.  However, in response to concerns over technical issues, the first episode has been remixed so that the voices appear in both stereo  channels.  All future episodes will be posted accordingly.  Enjoy!


5 Responses to Big BroadCast Episode 001

  1. I’m with you that G1 seems to be lost on the newer fan. To them the movies are the beginning. I think for me personally the original show was good because when there was a plot hole you had to fill in the blank with your own imagination. It wasn’t spoon fed like shows today where every single tidbit is provided and you don’t have to use your imagination. That to me was the value of Transformers G1. It kept my imagination alive.

  2. Thanks for the shout out man! Really appreciate it! And I look forward to seeing you and anyone else on the show at Botcon! All great points you guys made! Great opening show. =D

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