Battle Beasts shall rise again!

And it ain’t Hasbro bringing it to Western shores this time…

In the “Out Of Left Field Dept.”, I caught some interesting news this morning.  Via their Twitter, IDW Publishing revealed that they have picked up the license to produce comics based on Battle Beasts, the short-lived, but very cool, action figure toyline and quasi-game of the late 80s.

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What’s more, the comics are to support a new toyline, which – shockingly – isn’t going to be produced by Hasbro in the States this go-around.  According to a story at Comic Book Resources, it seems that Hasbro let the license lapse, and Diamond Select Toys picked it up, and will produce a new toyline based on the concept.  Apparently, this means all-new toys, not just reissues of old molds.  There’s even an official site for the new line already.  Highly interesting.

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Of course, Battle Beasts has an origin that ties in with Transformers.  Originally a concept within, and toys produced by Takara in conjunction with, the Headmasters series in Japan, Hasbro opted to produce Battle Beasts as a separate toyline in the Western World.  To see some of the storyline involving Planet Beast, pick up the Headmasters portion of the Japanese collection of Transformers DVDs put out by Shout! Factory last year.

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But since Battle Beasts is coming to IDW, the home of Transformers comics, perhaps we can still see some BB/TFs inter-mingling.  Unless Hasbro is bitter about letting Battle Beasts slip through its fingers, and puts the kibosh on it.  Time will tell.

Battle Beasts.  Returning.  Toys and comics.  All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised if there’s a live-action movie within a few years.  Kinda gives you hope that some other cool, short-lived 80s toylines/cartoons can come back.  Centurions?  Bionic Six?  Anyone?  Bueller?

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