Big BroadCast episode 2: Comics & Controversies…and contest!

Check out our second show, and find out how to win some autographed goodies!

We hope you’re ready for our second podcast episode!  In this edition, we discuss the history of Transformers comics, a couple of BotCon-related controversies that reared their ugly heads recently, another little-known piece of TFs-related music Black Lab’s version of the TFs Theme), and an interview with Chaos/Autocracy artist Livio Ramondelli.

We’re excited to include our first giveaway contest in this episode.  Listen carefully to the trivia question, and you could end up the proud owner of an autographed issue of Transformers: Chaos!  (Issue 24, cover B, as seen below)  If you think you’ve got the right answer, email our editor at

The contest is over!  We have a winner.  Thanks for listening and playing!

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2 Responses to Big BroadCast episode 2: Comics & Controversies…and contest!

  1. You guys made some really good points about the toys and hasbro looking at what the 3rd parties are actually selling to find out what part of the market fans really are purchasing to gear what they should be making to sell. I mean sure 3rd parties aren’t hasbro but if fans are willing to purchase A, B, and C toys 3rd party at such and such price range instead of their A, B, and C toys you’d think that would say something to the main company about what fans either want or are willing to pay for such and such quality. Makes me wonder if the crack down is so they can come out a year later with some new marketing plan that makes some changes that MIGHT be influenced by 3rd party successes or something? It makes sense to me just to sit back and see what 3rd parties experiment with and the cause and effect of such knock offs being available to purchase. But then take it a step further and look at how they can be the ones to provide what 3rd parties are offering so they can be the ones with the ideas and make 3rd party unnecessary. (It’d be interesting if they ever decided to hire some of the 3rd party designers… but maybe that would be pushing too far to hope for something like that? You know is it wrong of me to think that in a perfect world really GREAT work would be something that would be rewarded and provide opportunities for a career rather than try and ignore or pound them into the ground because they “might” be trying to cut into your big company profits? Course on the flip side of things, it just might encourage fans and more 3rd party companies to come out of the wood work.) It’s a fine line to walk.

  2. You make excellent points yourself, and at the end of the day, who knows what really goes on at Hasbro meetings. We need to get a mole up in there!