New information on ROBOTECH film in development

A couple of new tidbits on the highly anticipated flick.

We here at Geewunner are also huge Robotech fans, so you may see the occasional ‘Tech-related story from time to time.  Thanks to RobotechX’s Facebook page, we were tiupped off to new info about the film’s production, from the Kickstart Entertainment website.

It seems that Tobey MacGuire, a producer on the film, will, in fact, appear in the film as an actor, although it is still unknown which part he intends to take.  No offense to Tobey – we just hope it isn’t Rick Hunter.  He’s just no longer age apropriate to play a nineteen-year-old.

Also, it seems that Craig Silverstein of Terra Nova is involved as a screenwriter, and Akiva Goldsmith and Jason Netter are producing.

The Kickstart site also mentions the Voltron film in development, albeit with no further information.  Robotech, Voltron…keep those robot/mecha movies coming, Hollywood!

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