Flint Dille’s AGENT 13 to be distributed by Universal

The film based on a comic book finds a home.

We at Geewunner always like to know what’s currently going on with Transformers creative talent, even if it doesn’t involve Bots or Cons.  Our friend Flint Dille had some exciting news to share on his Facebook page this morning.

After a heated bidding war for the film adaptation of the comic book and novel series Agent 13, Univesal Pictures has come out on top, according to The Film Stage.  The source material, co-written by Dille and David Marconi, is a mixture of 30s gumshoe/noir and sci-fi.

The property will make the jump to the big screen soon, and the project will be directed by Rupert Wyatt, and star Charlize Theron, who is red hot right now, with Young Adult, Snow White and the Huntsman, and Prometheus to her recent credits.  No word yet on who will portray the title character.

Flint Dille, of course, has a long history with Transformers, having produced and story edited the G1 show, co-written the 1986 animated film, and more recently co-authored the current digital comic series Autocracy.  It should also be pointed out that G.I. Joe/Transformers writer Buzz Dixon was involved in one of the Agent 13 graphic novels, Acolytes Of Darkness.

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