Everything old…is new again!

Simon Furman ends his introduction on the inside cover of issue #80.5 of  Transformers: ReGeneration One with those words, and isn’t it a beautiful statment?  Much has been said about the return of the original 1980s Marvel Comics Transformers continuity – both elsewhere and on this site – so I will skip all of that and get to the goods.

Today, on Free Comic Book Day, a twenty-one year drought ended, and it’s certainly worth the wait.  Issue #80.5 serves as both a catch-up for the old fans, and a reintroduction to new ones.  There’s but a smidgen of new events here – merely the reignition of the war that has been extinguished lo these last two decades – but it is cleverly interwoven with bits of flashback on the events of Marvel #1-80.  Can I just say that these flashbacks make me want to bust all those issues out and reread them tonight?

All creative parties concerned are of course as good as they’ve ever been – albeit with another score of development under their belt.  Always the proud owner of a righteous sense of humor, Furman keeps things light by reminding himself how old he is in the text introduction, and then poking fun at himself by having a character quote a Furmanism.  Wildman almost purposely dials his talents back a bit to recreate the look of those precious final Marvel issues, and why the hell not?  Who would they be possibly trying to impress.  This book is all about preaching to the choir.

A certain high-ranking and popular (among the fans, not his cohorts, mind you) Decepticons decides it’s high time to rekindle Megatron’s dogma, and fires the first salvo of what’s to come.  Think of this issue as the cold opening of a TV show or movie; a bit of action before the credits kick in.  Grab your soda and popcorn, because, for the next twenty issues, things are going to get cinematic.  They say you can’t go home again.  Phooey!  You won’t believe the things they can do now!

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