Lego Transformer: Arcee

Somebody cue up Tommy Shaw’s “Girls With Guns”!

Since I assume most of you reading this have never heard that obscure 1984 single by the then-ex (but now again current) member of Styx, allow me to explain myself.  For this post of a Lego Transformer, I thought I’d represent the ladies.  Of course, Arcee is one of very few female characters that existed in the original “G1″ era of Transformers.  She made her debut in the 1986 animated movie, and was voiced by the incomparable Susan Blu throughout the following third season of the show.

Arcee was unfortunately never made into a toy “back in the day” (any and all toy representations of the character have been in the last decade or so), though Hasbro has been hinting that they will eventually produce a G1-style Arcee for the current Classics/Reveal The Shield/Generations line, and a couple of third-party companies have produced decent (but expensive) facsimiles.  I’ve had the idea to re-create Arcee in fabulous ABS plastic for some time, but I knew it would be a big challenge.  Mainly because she’s pink, and that’s a color that’s in short supply in the Lego palette.

As usual, BrickLink was a necessity, and it cost me a few bucks, let me tell you – what few pieces exist in pink tend to be produced in Europe more than the States, so ordering from sellers across the pond was unavoidable.  While working on other projects, I ordered parts here and there over a period of time, and finally, she came together.

Considering the scarcity of pink parts, I’m quite proud of the way Arcee came out.  I managed to reproduce both her familiar vehicular AND curvy robot forms.  She’s highly posable, and retains her iconic shoulder pads, thunder thighs, and badass twin pistols.  The pistols can also attach to the sides of her arms, as well as the sides of her vehicular mode.  Don’t mess with this chick!

I have to give credit to my daughter Lindsay.  As I worked on Arcee, I guess I didn’t try hard enough to give her wheels and make her roll; I had been satisfied with making her a Blurr-esque hovercar.  Lindsay called me on my BS.  “She has wheels in the movie, right?  She needs wheels.”  From the mouths of babes!  So I went back to the drawing board, and figured out a way to make Arcee roll – and ended up coming up with a better way for her legs to attach to her main body in vehicular mode.  Full gallery below…what do you think?

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