Lego Transformer: Cosmos

“I guess anything’s better than nothing.”

Here’s an homage to one of the more overlooked, yet lovable Transformers – Cosmos.  Originally voiced by Michael McConnohie, Cos was featured in the second, and to a lesser degree, third season episodes of the G1 show.  I had some rounded-off green pieces lying around, not getting used, so I took it as challenge upon myself to bring the spaceborn Autobot to life.

He’s a bit smaller than most of my Lego Transformers, and he obviously transforms a bit differently than the original toy and the more recent Generations remake.  In fact, this was an exercise in speed and limitations.  I spent less than an hour on this guy, using pieces that I pulled out right away, and fought the urge to put back.  As such, there are a lot of studs showing.  Some AFOLs pride themselves in stud elimination, something I occasionally make some effort at, and other times, I give a rat’s ass.

Still, Cosmos has guns this time!  No screwing around with this guy anymore!  I also worked in a retractable front landing gear.  Be sure to check out the full gallery below, as well as our site’s Lego/Kreo page, featuring other custom Lego Transformer creations.

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