Masterpiece Sideswipe available for preorder

Lambor goes MP scale!

As teased at BotCon last month, Takara and Hasbro (mostly the former) are cooking up a Masterpiece-scale Sideswipe (and eventually Red Alert, and Tigertrack, and G2 Sideswipe, and…).  Seems that Big Bad Toy Store is already taking pre-orders for MP-12, at about $160.

Click for larger image

That price is likely to come down considerably, as it is in scale with MP-11 Optimus Prime.  So if you simply MUST plunk down some cash to make sure you get your classic Countach ‘Bot, you know where to go.  We have to admit, he sure does look gorgeous, even pre-deco.  Now if we can just get that MP Wheeljack…

2 Responses to Masterpiece Sideswipe available for preorder

  1. Right now he’s just not doing anything for me. Don’t know why. I really like Sideswipe the character.

  2. What’s not to like? Maybe it’ll look better to you when we get some deco’d images?