TCC exclusives already arriving on doorsteps

Well, they certainly got these things shipped off quick.

Our own Tony R. Tuski has reported that his copies of the new Transformers Collectors’ Club exclusives, Shattered Glass Drift and Over-Run (aka Runabout) which went up for pre-order earlier this month, were delivered today.  We can only assume that this is happening all over, and we’re a bit perplexed by the short delivery time.

Don’t get us wrong – we’re glad we don’t have to wait the two months or so we were expecting, but it seems a bit curious that Fun Publishing has endeavored to send these things out so quick.  The more cynical TransFans out there might suspect that it’s all in an effort to appease the many angry fans that were created after the credit card theft scandal surrounding the preorder.  At any rate, keep an eye on your mailbox this week!

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