Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong!

As the editor of this site, let me be the first to welcome you to our humble corner of Cybertro-, er, I mean cyberspace.  We hope that you’ll enjoy yourself here, and return often.  If you want to know what we’re all about, I’ll summarize it for you here.

Geewunner is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the first – and, as we feel, best – portion of Hasbro’s ongoing, ever-evolving science fiction franchise The Transformers.  Retroactively labeled Generation One after the early 90s release of the Generation Two sub-franchise, G1 (as it is commonly abbreviated) is the original incarnation of what is now a global phenomenon, having spanned almost thirty years, multiple television and comic book series, and of course, the current live action film series.

So why the website?  Surely, we don’t expect to compete with the scores of already popular official and fan-run Transformers websites.  Oh, no.  We just feel that there is a certain niche of the Transfan experience that is going woefully underrepresented, and that’s what we consider to be in our wheelhouse.  There are zillions of fans worldwide, but as the franchise continues to evolve, we’ve tracked certain trends in the fandom, and we worry that G1 is being undervalued and in many cases disrespected.  Geewunner will be our continued effort to maintain its place atop the many sub-franchises since, as well as the many that are sure to come.

So are we just old fuddy-duddies who cannot roll with the new?  Hardly.  We love most aspects of Transformers, from all over the history of the franchise.  However, we are still, first and foremost, a proud supporter of, and believer in, the magic of G1.  In the initial seven years of the franchise, a lot of very talented people put a lot of work into breathing life into the characters we all know and love to this day.  And while Hasbro continues to reinvent and evolve the franchise – which is wholly understandable – we feel there is a reason the basic look and personalities of the characters do not stray very far from what was initially put forth – because they got it right the first time.

At Geewunner, you will find daily news and reviews, as well as a myriad of exclusive content, including text interviews with creative talent behind G1 media, including voice actors, production personnel from the tv series and writers and artists from the world of comic books.  You will also find fan art and fanfic by our own staff, and hopefully, in time, reader submissions as well.  Very soon, we will launch our podcast, where our staff will discuss various aspects of G1, as well as what’s going on in the Transformers world in general.  Our shows will also include audio versions of interviews with creative talent, as well as rare or little-known examples of Transformers-related music.

While we will certainly focus mainly on Transformers, and more specifically G1, that is not a hard-and-fast rule.  We may occasionally, as we see fit, report on other aspects of the franchise, up to and including the live action film series – with the heaviest concentration likely being on G2 and Beast Wars.  Also, do not be surprised to see occasional coverage of other classic 80s toy and cartoon universes, particularly those that are robot/mecha/tech-based, including Transformers‘ brother franchise G.I. Joe, as well as Robotech, M.A.S.K., GoBots, ThunderCats, and many more.  A good, rough breakdown to expect would be about 70% G1, 15% non-G1, 10% Joe, and 5% everything else.

And hey – it’s not like we’ll be constantly living in the past.  Hasbro keeps a steady stream of G1-based – or at least G1-inspired – toys, comics, and video games coming our way, so there’s plenty to talk about other than what happened in the 80s.  The Generations toyline, the ReGeneration One comic, War For and Fall Of Cybertron…it’s all good in the hood, baby!  We even have plans to start petitions to convince Hasbro to initiate other G1-based ventures…but more about that later.

If you do not hold Generation One in the same high regard was we do, that’s fine with us, and you are certainly entitled to your opinion.  However, at Geewunner, we will be enforcing a very low tolerancy for negativity – take that kind of thing to your favorite forums.  Nobody’s forcing you to be here.  At the end of the day, we want this site to be a place where dedicated fans of G1 can come together to celebrate what’s great about Generation One, not to complain about what’s lacking elsewhere.  The term “geewunner” has had negative connotations over the last decade, but much like Randall in Clerks II, we aim to “take it back”, and turn into something positive.

Please leave us a comment if a story particularly interests you, like our Facebook page, and follow us at Twitter.  We hope you’ll be proud to repeat our catch phrase along with us: “I’m a Geewunner!”

‘Til all are one,

Austin Welch
February 15th, 2012