Please take a moment to visit some of our favorite websites!


The RealmCast – Our “mother” site; general movie and pop culture news and reviews, and a hilarious, uncensored podcast.

The Panzer Crush – Subtitled “The Fringe Of Geekery”, it’s RealmCast assistant editor Chris Eaton’s home for anime, martial arts films, and professional wrestling, among other wacky stuff!


Transformers – Hasbro’s official site for our beloved franchise.

Transformers Wiki – Geewunner’s preferred wiki site.

Teletraan 1 – An alternate Transformers wiki.

Hubworld – Official site for Hasbro’s network The Hub.

TFArchive – Great archive site with cartoon episode and comic book issue lists.

TFU Info – Another grat resource, this time storing photos of every action figure, and the parts that go with them.

Seibertron – One of the biggest and best sites for news, toy images, and more.

Transformer World 2005 – One of the biggest fan sites, with a very active forum.

TFormers – A great TFs news site.

IDW Publishing – The company that produces Transformers comics.


Joe Battle Lines – Joe news and reviews!

Flag Points – A Geewunner favorite, this excellent Joe podcast is very similar to ours in many ways; a lot of reminiscing and recollection on the glory days (RE: 80s & early 90s) of Joe toys, and perhaps to a lesser degree, the comics and cartoon, by a pair of dedicated fans.

Yo Joe! – Great news site and action figure information resource.

G.I. Joe Heaven – fine Joe shopping.

Joe Customs – just what it implies, a community for Joe customizers.


Robotech – the official site.

Robotech X – major Robotech fan organization.

GoBots – Great information resource on that OTHER transformable toy line.

GoBots – Lots of pictures and info.

Matt Trakker – The Geewunner staff are huge M.A.S.K. fans!  Excellent fan site.

M.A.S.K. – The Movie – great site and podcast run by guys who’ve written a live-action film script.  Support their effort!

The M.A.S.K. Page – Check out this great resource.

ThunderCats Lair – T-Cats news and info!

The Ultimate ThunderCats Webpage – Great fansite.

Virtual Toy Chest – Amazing site chock-full of pics and info on a wide array of toylines, primarily form the 80s.


Screamers’ Retro Flashbacks – Rose Ward’s eponymous tribute to 80s toys and cartoons.  Visitation is a must.  Did we mention that she’s the only person we know that has interviewed more G1 voice actors than our own editor?

BWTF – A great, long-running Transformers site by an old friend and longtime fan, Ben Yee.

NGSMOOV – Amazing CGI videos by some dedicated fans.

A Real American Book – A blog by another old acquaintance of Geewunner’s, Tim Finn, who’s been researching and prepping an exhuastive book on G.I. Joe.  Check it out, as well as his sorely missed Transformers parody TransSpoof!

The RoboPlastic Apocalypse – great site dedicated to old toy ads and other plastic robot related nostalgia!


Simon Furman – Our beloved Brit’s personal blog.

Livio Ramondelli – Portfolio site for the Transformers comics artist and friend to Geewunner!

Frank Welker – Official site for the massively talented, yet reclusive voice of many great characters.

Dan Gilvezan – The voice of Bumblebee, and a damn good author to boot!

David Wise: A Spy In The House Of Tomorrow – the personal blog of the most prolific writer of G1 cartoon episodes.

Buzz Dixon – personal blog of the Joe/TFs writer.

Disciples Of Boltax – Superfan Jim Sorenson’s great blog.