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BOTCON 2013 – PT 1: Pre-Show Fun!

Botcon_2013If you’re looking for a detailed review of BotCon 2013, including its panels, guests, and exclusives, look elsewhere. ┬áIf you want to hear about how four old friends like to use BotCon as an excuse to maximize their vacation fun, read on!
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Vintage interview: Michael Bell

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New spotlight on Dan Gilvezan at Screamer’s Retro Flashbacks

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Dan Gilvezan confirmed for Botcon 2012!

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Exclusive interview: Dan Gilvezan

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Dan Gilvezan book signing event coverage

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Zarana advises you to meet Dan Gilvezan

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Dan Gilvezan BUMBLEBEE AND ME reading and signing!

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Vintage interview: Dan Gilvezan

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