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New trade offer for our custom sets

G1 GIJ3Have extra G.I. Joe Kreons?  Wanna trade them for some of our customs?  Inquire within! Continue reading

Custom brick set: All-Terrain Scout Vehicle

Context-SThe A.W.E. Striker earns its Lego stripes. Continue reading

Custom brick set: Attack Snowmobile

Context-SThe Polar Battle Bear, Lego style! Continue reading

Custom brick set: Ordnance Carrier

Context-SA Lego-ized version of the G.I. Joe Weapon Transport. Continue reading

RetroCon is happening this Sunday!

If you’re in the Philly area, be sure to check out this amazing show! Continue reading


Check out this fan-made game that’s free to download! Continue reading

Hasbro to cut 170 jobs in North America

The second-largest toy manufacturer is feeling the weight of the economy. Continue reading

Roll Out/Roll Call con debuts exclusives

Full of Transformers/Joe crossover goodness! Continue reading

My re-introduction to The Transformers

This is the story of how I became a big Transformers fan after almost thirty years of being aware of the franchise. Continue reading

Vintage interview: David Wise

Another slice of fried gold from the archives. Continue reading