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BOTCON 2013 – PT 1: Pre-Show Fun!

Botcon_2013If you’re looking for a detailed review of BotCon 2013, including its panels, guests, and exclusives, look elsewhere.  If you want to hear about how four old friends like to use BotCon as an excuse to maximize their vacation fun, read on!
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TRANSFORMERS 4 may shoot in Thailand

The Autobots just might go Hangover 2 on us. Continue reading

Mark Wahlberg joins TRANSFORMERS 4 cast

It’s official. Continue reading

Mark Wahlberg in talks for Transformers 4

Marky Mark and the Energon Bunch! Continue reading

Weaving Vs. Bay: Who cares?

Let’s put all this in perspective. Continue reading

Lego Transformer: Cosmos

“I guess anything’s better than nothing.” Continue reading

Vintage interview: Michael Bell

From the archives, an exceedingly interesting and candid chat with a voiceover giant. Continue reading

Big BroadCast Episode 001

We are very proud to present the first episode of our podcast, the Big BroadCast at Geewunner.com! Continue reading

Interview with Michael Bell at Noblemania

A cool interview that focuses on Superfriends. Continue reading

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic interviews Megan Fox

Have you ever fantasized about a Generation One personality tearing a BayVerse celeb a new one?  Fantasize no more! Continue reading