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The delayed book will finally see release next month. Continue reading

Weaving Vs. Bay: Who cares?

Let’s put all this in perspective. Continue reading

FALL OF CYBERTRON Dinobots Unleashed trailer

Dino-might! Continue reading

Ark Addendum: MADMAN’S PARADISE (Part 1)

A look at one of the more…interesting G1 episodes. Continue reading

Big BroadCast episode 3 and figure giveaway!

Listen to win a free Generations action figure! Continue reading

Vintage interview: Michael Bell

From the archives, an exceedingly interesting and candid chat with a voiceover giant. Continue reading

New FALL OF CYBERTRON gameplay footage

Watch Grimlock go all T-Rex on some Insecticons! Continue reading

Big BroadCast Episode 001

We are very proud to present the first episode of our podcast, the Big BroadCast at Geewunner.com! Continue reading

FALL OF CYBERTRON game-play trailer

It’s here!  And it’s gorgeous… Continue reading

FALL OF CYBERTRON game play trailer to debut tomorrow

By this time tomorrow, we’ll see how this thing works mechanically. Continue reading